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Business Development

It doesn't end with seed financing - thats only the start. Total Medical Ventures assists its portfolio companies in attracting further capital to grow the business. Mergers and acquisitions are thoughtfully planned and carefully executed. Business development is a function that start-up companies often need to outsource, and as with the start-up phase, the Total Medical Ventures team can help.

Our team have experience working with a wide range of larger capital providers, both in Europe and the US, helping us match opportunities with investors. No matter how quickly the company grows, or how successful it becomes we can keep pace. Too many seed investors become a ball-and-chain, holding back their proteges - Total Medical Ventures has a track record of speeding development, not stifling it.


As with all investors, Total Medical Ventures will seek an exit, hopefully leaving a sustainable, profitable business. Like every other aspect of the start-up life cycle, our exit planning is meticulous. But that doesnt mean we are only in it for the money - our mission is to turn good ideas into great products. If we do that, how can we fail to make a well-earned profit? Partnership and transparency are the key to maintaining a good working relationship from inception to exit - after all, if you have had one good idea you will probably have another, and we want you to bring that back to Total Medical Ventures.

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