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Business Creation

Ideas come from everywhere! At Total Medical Ventures, the next revolutionary idea could come from a university academic or a local company. It might be a mathematician or chemist, student or managing director. We have pipeline agreements with a number of research-intensive organisations which give us first opportunity to commercialise their new technology. But pipeline agreements are only as good as the team feeding the pipeline, and we are always looking for new ideas

Creating a successful company depends on having the edge. Rock-solid intellectual property protection is one way to secure that edge, but speed of execution and incisive commercial strategy are just as important. So as soon as we see a good idea (and help secure a patent if the intellectual property is not already captured), we aim to build a team who can convert that potential into reality - quickly.


Many start-ups cant afford a raft of full time employees covering all the necessary skills. At Total Medical Ventures, our portfolio companies can share management expertise. A few hours from an experienced team member can often be worth weeks of spadework. We will help you assemble your first team, write your first business plan and provide the seed capital necessary to start turning big ideas into big products.

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