Total Scientific Logo Babraham Bioscience Campus, Babraham, Cambridge CB22 3AT

Total Scientific Ltd

Total Scientific is a new kind of Contract Research Organisation (CRO). Formed in December 2006, Total can help with every aspect of the drug development process from API manufacture to large, phase III clinical trials. What makes Total different, though, is their "design and execute" philosophy: most CROs do an excellent job of running studies once the client has decided on a study design - but, particularly for smaller companies - the expertise to make the right design decisions may not always be available. So instead of contacting a conventional CRO with a design in hand, clients come to Total with an objective. The result? A smarter study design, which saves time and money compared to conventional CROs.

Total Scientific is also carving a niche as THE biomarker CRO.   They specialise in the use of modern "omics" end-points to accelerate time lines and lower costs. Few conventional CROs can leverage the fantastic power of genomic, proteomic or metabolomic technology in drug development, because such technologies are still cutting edge. Total Scientific, on the other hand, employs world-leading scientists in these disciplines, as well as the associated bioinformatics. Their clients, whether large multinational or small start-up, can for the first time access these powerful new technologies as and when they need them.

As a result, Total Scientific continues to grow rapidly, and now occupies laboratory and office accommodation on the Babraham Bioscience Campus, near Cambridge, UK.