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Pronostics established a worldwide lead in the development of next-generation medical diagnostic tests for diseases where current tests are limited. Unfortunately, many of the commonest diseases in the world are the hardest to diagnose (at least until it is too late): heart disease, many cancers, Alzheimer's Disease and so on. In many cases, the only certain diagnostic test is invasive, carrying risk for the patients, such as taking an X-ray of the heart vessels or a biopsy.

Pronostics profiling technology changes all that. Using a revolutionary multiplexing system based around bar-coded microparticles it is possible measure thousands or even millions of analytes simultaneously and then use cutting-edge mathematics to identify signatures associated with disease. Ultimately, Pronostics envision a profiling machine on every GP's desk capable of providing an almost instant diagnosis of hundreds of diseases from a drop of blood.

Pronostics Ltd was formed following the merger of FingerPrint Diagnostics Ltd (who owned and developed proprietary profiling platform technology) and SmartBead Technologies Ltd (who owned the UltraPlex™ bar-coded microparticle multiplexing platform).  The company was based on the Babraham research campus, south of Cambridge, UK.  The major investor in Pronostics Ltd was BankInvest.

Pronostics assets were acquired in January 2009 by Phadia, a global diagnostics company headquartered in Germany.  Phadia continue to develop products based on Pronostics cutting-edge technology platform.